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How to Discern Evil Leaders

As Christians We Need to Have A Clear View
Of Those Who Have Authority Over Us

Discerning evil leadersThis article is aimed at Christians who have the Holy Spirit and who can therefore discern between good and evil. But we need to face the truth: sometimes we're just "too nice" giving others the benefit of the doubt, and therefore we are unable to see what a person's real character is truly like. I believe that is so very important—especially in these last days—to know how to spot those deceptive leaders who are demanding that we follow them.


Three years after I had pioneered my first church as a senior pastor, I resigned telling the church that I would remain in the pulpit until we had called my replacement. I was in my mid-thirties at the time and far less discerning than I am today. The new pastor we selected had a young family and a sweet wife; he possessed a strong likeable personality and was a powerful and dynamic speaker who could really touch the congregation.


Probably unwisely, I had hoped to stay in the church after I stepped down, supporting the new pastor, hoping my presence wouldn't be a stumbling block for him. I sat through lots of his messages, which seemed quite anointed. But one particular message struck me; it contained a powerful illustration which the pastor shared about himself personally and which put him in a good light. It was a compelling message but it just didn't seem that the story he told about himself could really have been true.


Later I asked him if that story was true. He gave a self conscious grin but then confessed that it was "just an illustration." I felt troubled in my spirit because he had preached it as though he had lived that story. In defense of it, he stated that he and other pastors would often use illustrations like that and apply them to their own lives and say under their breath at the end, "that's the way it would have happened—if it had happened."


To me what he had done was tell a lie for a good purpose (or so it would seem), to further the kingdom. Or was it? In making himself the center of the illustration, he was actually putting himself in a good light and giving a false impression about what his own character was really like. At that moment, it was like scales fell from my eyes and I could see this man much more clearly. And I realized that our calling him to pastor the church had probably been a mistake. He had somehow blinded our eyes.


Of course, once my eyes were opened, I saw far more than I wanted to see. I really wanted him to be what he appeared to be, not what I perceived he really was. I even defended him in my heart and with others when they asked me about some of the things he had said and done which they were starting to question. This man knew how to endear people; he knew how to make the gullible love him with his gushy insincere posturing. But he also seemed to have the trait of turning on those who didn't support him fully. At that point I realized I needed to leave the church lest my true feelings popped out and I split the church.


I did not realize it at the time but this man had a psychopathic personality. They say as many as five percent of the general population are psychopaths and such people are just not the kinds of personalities that average Christians are prepared to handle. When another Christian, especially a pastor, gushes about the Lord, we desperately want to believe that they are sincere. We feel guilty if we are skeptical of their sincerity, and often condemn our own feelings as being too judgmental.


I eventually came to believe that this man could not even be a Christian based upon some of the things he did and said. But who was I to raise my hand against the Lord's anointed? I had helped him secure that position and I felt that God would have to be the one who removed him.


Now with no church to attend, I went 23 miles down the road and began to feel the Lord's calling for me to once again pioneer a new ministry. I tried not to say anything bad about this other pastor, but as I left he seemed to do everything in his power to throw as much mud upon me that he possibly could. I think he viewed me as a threat.


In this rural area, there were times when people who lived half way between our two churches would tell him they wanted to come to my church. He would then sit down with them and tell them "the truth" about me (whatever that was). I could always see it on their faces as they entered my office to talk. He had obviously told them about every sin I had ever committed, smearing me to the best of his considerable ability.


I had determined that I would not smear back. I would just simply be me. I remember one wife saying to me, you are definitely at peace. He is not. And that couple did decide that God was leading them to our church. But of course, not everyone felt that way.


It was a hard period for me and I spent a lot of time on my knees. Those were some of the most difficult years of my life. Eventually, he was relieved of his ministry because his elders discovered that he was being physically abusive of his wife. I guess you can only hide the truth for so long.


So how can we avoid being duped by people who are very good at wearing their sheep's clothing? Let me give you some simple clues to help you read people like this:


1. Whenever You Catch Someone in a Major Self-serving Lie, BEWARE.


Jesus said to the religious leaders that they were liars, just like their father the devil, who lied from the beginning. We all lie at some times, but a true Christian will much more likely confess and admit it when he's caught in a lie. But a Liar (capital L) lives for the advantages that stretching the truth will bring to him. He does not really feel that there is any moral reason to tell the truth when a lie can often achieve much better results. Such people are lying "in the dark." (See 1 John 1:6-8. See also the Sinning in the Light article).


2. If Someone is Lying "In The Dark" That Means They Are Not a Believer.


Again, go to that passage in 1 John 1:6-8 and follow the link to the article above. When you realize that someone is not a believer, you will, plain and simple see them in a different light. You won't expect them to act like a Christian because they aren't a believer. Now you don't have to pass judgment upon them. That's God's job. But neither should you let yourself be fooled by their spiritualizing and Christian posturing. They are wolves in sheep's clothing.


3. Liars Will Wear Sheep's Clothing Have Sharp Teeth.


Sheep have teeth designed to eat grass. Wolves have teeth designed to eat sheep. They are long and sharp and make puncture holes. If you are dealing with a liar, you should expect that you will be the focal point of his lies sooner or later. You will likely encounter teeth marks on the back of your neck. You probably can't stop a wolf from digging into your hide, but you can expect it and be ready for it to come.


4. Start Doubting Everything a Liar Says.


Now some will think what I'm suggesting goes a bit far. But if someone is a liar (like their father the devil) realize that you can't trust anything they say. Liars only tell the truth if it serves their purpose. They will actually use the truth as a trap for gullible people. Liars tell the truth to build up their trustworthiness in other's eyes. Then they tell the big one just when they have people's trust. How will you ever know when they're telling the truth and when they're lying? You can't know. So doubt everything they tell you for your own good.


I had an assistant pastor in that second church that I pioneered who lied one night point blank to my face about his sin. I knew it. He knew I knew the truth but he couldn't admit the truth (in his mind anyway) for that would have spoiled his alibi. What he told me could not possibly be true. So I immediately relieved him of his duties as church treasurer. One of the elders challenged me over that move, but I insisted upon it, saying that he had lied and he could not be trusted. Actually now of us trusted him any longer. As it turned out he had already embezzled the church for over $50,000 which later came out.


5. Realize Lying is a Key Symptom of a Psychopathic Personality.


Psychopaths are compulsive liars because they are definitely walking in darkness. A psychopathic individual is incapable of truly feeling guilt or remorse for any of his actions. He has absolutely no empathy for others. He prides himself on being incredibly cunning and manipulative.


Now while a psychopath may know the difference between right and wrong on an intellectual level, he dismisses morality because he egotistically feels that it somehow does not apply to him. He will be incapable of any normal range of emotions such as compassion, love or sympathy. When he reacts because he's upset with someone else, he'll never really consider the feelings of others or the consequences of his actions. This type of person will often exhibit narcissistic behavior.


On the surface a psychopath may be quite charming. They usually have developed the ability to tell jokes and make people laugh or at least to speak well in front of others and they usually know how to make others feel comfortable. The psychopath is often the star of the party. That's one big reason why psychopaths make such effective politicians. They don't get close to anyone but they know how to lie with a perfectly straight face. 


The psychopathic personality is virtually unredeemable. If he goes into counseling he will see his getting help as a great opportunity to further game the system. Knowing how he is supposed to act to look normal just puts more weapons in his manipulative arsenal. He looks upon others as the little people to be used for his own benefit. They don't care what deceptions they utter or who they hurt because not one else really matters inside of their ego-centric thought processes.


6. Liars and Psychopaths Don't Like People.


Although I certainly didn't realize it at the time but both the assistant pastor that I had in my second church and the pastor who replaced me in my first church were psychopaths. And while they both played their ministrial roles well, neither really liked people.


I remember my assistant telling stories on the people he had been counseling, making fun of them. I'll have to admit his commits were hilarious. But almost immediately I felt guilty listening to what he was saying. Especially the way he said it. It just seemed wrong to me and I told him that. How could he or I counsel these people, trying to help them in their walk with the Lord, while we made fun of them or laughed at them behind their backs? It just wasn't right and we needed to stop this.


Spotting Our Psychopathic Politicians


Now I've shared these intensely personal stories from my life because it took me a while to figure out that there were such things as "Christian psychopaths" out there. Of course, there is no such thing. No true Christian can be a psychopath. These people are really wolves in sheep's clothing masquerading as believers. And they cause much trouble in the Church. But the Lord told us to expect them.


If people like this can be found in the Church, we should not be surprised at all that the world of politics is absolutely filled to the brim with these kinds of men and women. In the world of government these people are not there to take advantage of a few Christians, they are absolutely manic individuals who are there to rip out the hearts of entire nations.


You see, the problem is that these people fool so many of us—even believers—into electing and reelecting them. We don't get close enough to see underneath the veneer. So if a man is funny and a strong speaker most will give him the benefit of the doubt. But you and I simply MUST judge such people carefully. First we must see the lies as a sign of the depth of their evilness. They are walking in darkness and it comes out probably easiest in their falsehoods. But then secondly, we must judge them by the reality of their deeds.


I just watched a YouTube video featuring Glenn Beck, which you really must see. It was produced back before the 2012 election but it is very revealing about Obama. It reveals an Obama most of us have never seen before. It is a startling video because it includes a lot of Obama's speeches that are just packed full of lies. He does much more complex versions of what alerted me to the deceptive nature of that pastor who took my place in my first church.


If you have any illusions about the President of the United States having any sense of honesty, you need to watch this video. I'm not trying to make Obama look any worse than he has already made himself look. I'm not trying to build up any hatred for the man. I just want you to make absolutely certain that you know what you are dealing with, and what could soon slam you right in the heart.




Did you watch it? Even the first part? If you did you will know that Obama is a Liar with a capital L. And that means he is clearly walking in darkness (1 John 1:6; John 3:19-20). Which means that he is just like his father the devil (John 8:44). And you can therefore not trust ANYTHING he says. The New International Version puts it. "When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies."


Obama's lies really are his native language. He is definitely a wolf in sheep's clothing (not for the Church) as much as for America and the whole world. Nothing he says that he will do has any meaning (except that he wants to "fundamentally transform America"). Unfortunately the only way to transform America is to first tear it down so that he can rebuild it the way he wants. And he is doing a very good job at tearing down this country. Because that's exactly what he is trying to do.


Obama leads an incredibly authoritative and dominate Administration; all of his cabinet members are in lockstep with him. They all follow his lead, agreeing with all his anti-American decisions and defending all of his scandals as if we are children too stupid to figure out what's happening. Everyone in his government is in unbroken agreement with this man's Big Lie. This means that all of them, from the top on down, who are under his direct supervision and domination—every last one of them who walks together with this President—should be seen as taking orders from this Liar in Chief psychopath. All of them are fully committed to unleashing upon America a vile evil. None of his ministers have even the slightest empathy for anyone who will fall under the treadmill of the wrath of God that they will soon be unleashed upon us by this Administration.


Obama and his minions crave the opportunity to force their vision upon every American even if we choke to death in the process. It doesn't matter how anyone feels about this or what we might want. We're too stupid to know what's best for our own country. So they will lie about the government's true intentions right up to the moment before marshal law is declared and they come searching for enemies and resisters.


Keep that last thought clearly in mind. Anyone who is a Liar and who walks in darkness and who also has a psychopathic personality, as this President does, has the spirit of anti-Christ. I'm not saying Obama is The anti-Christ (although he may be). But you can be sure that American Christians will be at the very top of this President's "Terrorist List". All of the people in this Administration without question are anti-Christian. When his minions release the evil spirits upon our population, they will definitely target righteous Christians to be eliminated as fast as they can find us. They will be gunning for us and wanting to send us to our nearest FEMA camp for our own safety if we are foolish enough to go obey their commands.


So be forewarned. This is not a game. This is not a conspiracy theory. It is their full fledged Agenda against all believers and all those who stand in the way of their diabolical plan of a new socialist/communist Amerika.

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