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Dry Eyes—Cold Prayers?

Are Your Eyes Dry and Your Prayers Cold?
Could It Be That You Need to Become Bold?

Keith Green's No Compromise Album CoverThere have been times in my life that I look back on as major spiritual moments. I especially remember when I first received my copy of an album from Christian artist Keith Green. It was his second album and was entitled "No Compromise."


Wow. I put the needle down on that old vinyl recording and the impact of those songs and especially of the words had an immediate impact upon my heart. Keith was a young Christian (like me at the time) and he was truly radical for Jesus. He wanted so passionately to live out his faith in every moment of his life. That message resonated with me and I ended up on my knees in my study while I listened to those songs.

On that album was a simple song that brought me to my knees. The words were: "My eyes are dry, my faith is old, my heart is hard, my prayers are cold. And I know how I ought to be, alive to you and dead to me."


Such simple lyrics, but such a profound message. Even now, every time I hear Keith's voice sing that when I play it, all the old feelings come right back. Keith died an early death with two of his children in a tragic airplane crash, cutting short an incredible music and preaching career that mesmerized so many of us back in "the day."

If you want an experience, go onto Youtube and look up some of Keith Green's music. Watch him in concert and hear the fervor and commitment of his voice. You can also go to and purchase some of his songs. The fervency of his prayer and his vision is what I want for my life and I hope it is what you'll want for yours.

Today, as I am working at putting together Fresh Light Source I feel that same kindred spirit I felt with Keith so many years ago. A lot of water has run under my bridge (as it has for many of us), but God is always ready to pull us back into that close fellowship that we have had in the past.

Although it doesn't rhyme like Keith's words, my desire today is to have these words, as a response to his vocal prayer for his life as now my prayer for my life:

Forgetting about my past,
not fearing the future,
my eyes are wet,
my faith is fresh,
my heart is soft,
and my prayers are bold.
Alive to you
and dead to me,
that's just how its gonna be.


Let me also add to this page a short Youtube video of Keith Green singing "Make My Life A Prayer to You" I especially like the line, "no token prayers, no compromise." Listen to Keith sing, the style isn't as polished maybe as today's music, but the power of the Holy Spirit definitely comes through. If you look carefully you can see his tears pouring off his beard. Keith felt and lived his music. And he never tried to hide his emotions. He was truly a man of God for his generation.



I encourage you to take a look at some of the articles in the How to Grow In Christ section. Especially the article on The Holy Spirit Power and Fire which talks about how to be filled with the Spirit and also the need to let the Spirit's power energize you in the coming days of persecution. Because we will all be going through heavy fire and persecution very soon now.

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