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Revival Is What's Needed in America!

The Only True Hope for America is Revival!  
Will God Give Us A Third Awakening?


American Revival Now!I believe that America is facing the most perilous period of spiritual darkness in its history. There is no question that an erosion of morality and values is now plaguing the American people right under nose of the Church. Most of this situation has been instigated by those in the seats of civil power who are have specifically attempting to inflame and bait every difference in the American people in order to create one crisis after another (so they can claim only government can solve our problems).

Government is not, and will never be, the answer to any country's problems. Government is, and will always be, the biggest part of the problem all citizens face. But even though the agenda of those currently in power is aimed at destroying America's morality and values, it is not they who are the only cause of this problem. Satan ultimately is behind all of this. The leaders are merely liars like their father the devil (to quote the Lord) and it is Satan who has managed to unleash his minions to orchestrate the moral and spiritual decay of our country, along with what sure looks to be the full-fledged destruction of America as a nation.

The Great Awakenings

In the early 1700s, America experienced the Great Awakening. That first great revival began under powerful anointed preaching to the established churches, and it gave the congregations a deep sense of their need for a personal salvation through Jesus Christ. This awakening pulled people away from mere ritual found in so many of the early churches, which focused instead upon empty ceremonies and shallow sacraments. It awakened the individual to see true Christianity as an intense personal encounter with God over one's own sin and salvation. It also brought about the awareness of the availability of the personal redemption through Christ. Conversions during this time promoted a new standard of individual morality that elevated the entire country.

The movement began under the preaching of Jonathan Edwards who was well known for one sermon called "Sinners in the Hands of An Angry God." The essence of that message was that there was nothing that kept sinners from slipping down into the fires of hell except the grace of God. Because we all deserve judgment, he said, but God was holding that fire at bay waiting for men to repent. When he preached that message, by the power of the Holy Spirit, people literally sensed the fires of hell burning just below their pews.

A modern version of that message is extremely appropriate for America today. We need a sense of the impending judgment that is about to fall upon us. We might not be slipping into God's actual fiery hell just yet, but we are surely about to descend into a hell on earth of our own making. And unfortunately for the American Church, that inferno will be aimed primarily at those of us who are believers. The first targets will be those who profess to have good moral character (but whose hearts are far from God). That's the perplexing side of America's dilemma. Unless the people of faith repent for their part in America's decline and fall, this entire country will soon be awash in the blood of its own citizens.

There was a Second Great Awakening in the early 1800's in which more of those outside the churches came to be soundly converted. Now I don't want to make it sound like either of these revivals were perfect or the answer to all problems; they certainly had their opponents especially within the established churches. But history makes it pretty clear that those two major revivals impacted America for the good in many, many ways. They turned people to God and brought truth and honesty and morality to many.

America now desperately needs that kind of revival. At this stage, probably America's only hope of survival is the coming of a Third Great Awakening. Unless we receive something on that order very soon, the forces that are arrayed against us will bring this once great nation down upon all of our heads. When it crashes, the forces for destruction will come from within. Our own people will be turned upon us. Brother will rise against brother, even as Jesus predicted (see Mark 13:12). They'll do this in the mistaken belief that they will be creating a new and better world order. Instead, what they will likely bring down upon us all will be a civil war and a holocaust which will likely exceed the German holocaust inflicted upon the Jews during World War 2.

The Spiritual Condition of America

Years ago, when things were not so nearly out of control, Billy Graham made the statement that if God allowed America to go on much longer in its present spiritual condition, that he should need to offer a personal apology to Sodom and Gomorrah. America today has a great resemblance to those judged cities. But our sins are cleanly tucked away from view. The white washed tombs of the Lord's day characterize our country. On the outside we have our tidy streets, our glittering lights and our smiling faces. But inside our bedrooms and on our computers and our Internet sites are so many flagrant evil excesses. Our sins would surely make our fathers blush if they looked over our shoulders. 


We unrivaled immorality, videotaped sexuality with every form of perversion imaginable, open wife swapping clubs across the land. The victims of rampant sexual slavery in America number in the millions. There is a hidden but real explosion of child pornography, the unimpeded murder of our unwanted children, and a level of greed which has no limits. Movies like the "The Wolf of Wall Street" glorifying the lifestyles of greedy psychopathic perverts and it seems even believers enjoy watching the debauchery.

Every single day in America we murder 3,000 babies. We use over 70 percent of the world's illicit drugs. We're the pornography production capital of the world, with child porn and so many other deviant behaviors displayed on thousands of hidden but still very available websites.

American Christians have fallen away from the Lord. Once in the majority, the Christians are now definitely in the minority as the number of people who attend church steadily declines. While the Church has grown cold, Satanism and atheism are like virulent weeds sprouting beneath those black plastic landscaping tarps—unnoticed as they take over the garden.

Freedom of religion is no longer a right. The so-called concept of separation of church (which is nowhere found in the Constitution) is now interpreted by the state to be a freedom from religion. That notion has gained so much traction that every governmental power center now threatens Christians and anyone of faith to shut up or risk persecution.

Our own government is now promoting a resurgence of racism. The cry of "racist" is the new racism as blacks are incited to hate whites because of their "privilege". Hispanics illegals (especially criminals) have been turned loose in the streets against law abiding citizens. Hatred is also rising between two classes: state workers (especially groups like the IRS, the police, the FBI and all of the regulators) and average Americans. The government is ignoring and mistreating veterans and baby boomers, millions of whom will die under Obamacare and the VA hospital system. And those deaths will not be accidental, it is all part of the plan for "transforming America" by using death panels to eliminate the government's biggest critics.


America needs another Great Awakening if there is any hope for turning the great national slide into apostasy and the coming genocide. Don't be fooled by any of what you see happening. Nothing short of genocide awaits all of us. Yes, I'm sounding a clear alarm because somebody has to say it. My revelations are merely the words and deeds of those who have admitted their goal to destroy our country and have even shown us how they plan to do it. The clues are everywhere and they are quite clear. Just connect the dots. I believe that God is telling me to stand on a rooftop and warn Americans, especially American Christians, about what we are all up against.

Now nothing would please me more than to be wrong on this. I really hope that what I see coming does not happen. Everyday I pray that I am wrong. I pray for my country. But because of what I saw happening, even up to three years ago, I began to make plans to take my family away from the country that I love. I left America because God has definitely written our fate upon the wall. America has been weighed on the balance and it has been found wanting. America is about to go into an incredible fire. Woe to America!

So I'm praying that somehow, some way, God will see fit to bring a revivalist, or an anointed preacher or even a simple voice crying out from the wilderness who says it clearly: "Repent! For the kingdom of God is at hand. The gates of hell will not prevail against you if you repent! Repent while there is still time!"

God uses speakers and preachers and prophets to start great awakenings. But all great revivals also begin when God's people fall on their knees and pray in the background pleading with the Lord to unleash his power and let it fall. Revivals happen among the individuals who are converted and/or who return back to the Lord when they are transformed and empowered by the Spirit of God.


We need to be hungry Christian believers. We need to be hungry for personal repentance, unity and leadership. We need to be broken before God as we intercede for our national political, business, and spiritual leaders to humble themselves before God.

Remember that revival is also caught. When you feel strongly convicted about sin and judgment and the need for righteousness, your convictions are easily "caught" by others. This is why we need to pray fervently behind closed doors (and also in front of others) so that God can reach those behind the doors of power. God can upset the plans of the prince of this world (who is Satan). He can hold off the destruction and the lies that they are planning to use against us. He can bring their evil back onto their heads and hold off the end of days until a later time. But I believe he won't do that if we don't pray down that revival.


The following Old Testament verse is as applicable to our national situation today as any other verse in the Bible: "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." (2 Chronicles 7:14).

If just the Christians in America apply this verse right now, as we humble ourselves, begin to pray fervently, seeking the Lord's face while we're on our face before him, and most importantly, turning from any possible wicked deed, activity or even evil thoughts—our whole nation can be saved. Wow. Think about that. It is definitely worth applying this verse to our lives for the sake of our country. This can be done, one person at a time.


So let's start this, even if it is only just the two of us. Are you with me?

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