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How To Make Contact With Us

We Are Continuing to Expand This Website; 

You Can Reach Us With the Link Below


Fresh Light Source Contact Info


We're excited about the changing we've been able to make to this website and have a lot of plans for new features to add in the near future. God is really energizing us to provide a lot of information on the fast breaking prophecy fulfillments that are hitting us right now. We are definitely in the last days and you want to learn everything you can about how to unlock the prophetic code that the Lord built into his prophecies. This is very important, because it reveals what YOUR future will be.


Comments On the Website


While we are unable to have comments on our pages, we are able to give you the opportunity to make comments on our videos. As these will be increasing there should be lots of places to comment in the future.


Our New Email List


We just put up our new Email List for sending out updates about the website as well as critical alerts about breaking events in the world. Please sign up and you'll receive our monthly newsletter and any other bulletins that we feel you should know. When our traffic increases we'll upgrade it so that we can use auto responders.


Website Community


We are committed to making this website into a worldwide community event. If you have expertise that you would like to use to help us here, that would be awesome. Eventually we would like to have people communicating back and forth about what they know and see and giving help to one another as we all engage in the job of surviving the satanic onslaught coming our way. Plain and simple, we need to be connected and we're hoping that some of the brothers and sisters out there can help us in this.


Audio and Videos


Most of the video clips on our website were produced by other people. Some times we agree perfectly with what they have said, sometimes not so much. We have already started to create our own videos and hope to get them on Youtube soon. Let me invite you check out Fry or Fly which was our first video for this website about how to become a Christian.


The Message of The Site


We feel strongly that we have an important and critical message on this website that needs to be heard. If the Lord uses any of the pages here, we encourage you to share them with your family and friends. We will be expanding this website greatly and looking for those who want to become involved in this ministry. Especially anyone who can help us promote it Online. 


The best way to contact me is through email. I check it often. Email me at:



I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can, but I'll also appreciate your patience if I miss a day or two. Thanks,



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