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The Fresh Light Source website is not currently supported financially by any religious organization or denomination. We are a completely independent ministry which is the result of the Lord's calling on the life of Pastor John Souter. For this website we wanted to have an unbridled and outspoken voice to everyone in the world and with Christian believers.

As an American ex pat living in the Philippines, my personal resources are limited. I do not currently receive any salary for the work of producing the message of this website. I just want to share what God has predicted that is now falling upon our planet. There is no advertising or monetized commercial links on this site to detract from our message. If you do see a link to a commercial site, that doesn't mean we are in any way profiting from letting you know about a source for more information. 

We will appreciate any donations to help us continue making this material seen and heard, as we do have expenses incurred in providing this site free to others. If you agree with our message and want to support this ministry and website just click on the secure "Donate" button below and give whatever you feel led to give. Any gifts to us will actually go to my wife's Paypal account. To donate, just click here:


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