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Important End Times News & Prophecies

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What is Happening to Our World?
The World is Exploding With News Events & Prophecy Fulfillment You Need to Know About

The Current World Events Section below is aimed at providing hard-hitting commentary on major US and world events that are having a direct or indirect bearing on your life. This section is not meant to entertain. The goal is to inform and motivate you to action. The only way you can save the world (and yourself) from the coming judgment is to know what's happening. If you merely sit on the sidelines watching, your world may soon fall apart and your inaction will be partly to blame.


The End Time Prophecy Second listed further down this page is aimed at tying together the world's events with what the Bible has to say about them. There the emphasis is more on looking at biblical prophecies and understanding how they apply to today. So much is happening so fast that it is important to stay on top of it.




Who Is Our Globalist Enemy?


Enemies Within ThumbnailThere is no doubt that we have formidable enemies within our midst. The problem is that they either hold positions of power or they hold positions of power behind the scenes. While they smile and tell the world they have our best interests at heart, the truth is much more sinister. This article was written to explain who our enemies really are and why they believe what they do. We need to know what the agenda of these people is or we will soon end up as their victims.


Martial Law Coming thumbnailIs Martial Law Coming to the US?


Many fear that the white house has been secretly putting into place a wide number of laws and preparations for martial law in America. There has probably never been any other country that has made such elaborate preparations in the past as our government has now done. What does all of this mean? Why is this happening, and what will be the result if and when martial law is declared by the President of the United States?


Why Are They Trying to Kill You?


Why Are They Trying to Kill You?Does that sound like a foolish and simplistic headline, too crazy to actually be true. This article does cover a lot of ground fairly quickly, but the reason I put all of these different attempts by the federal government and the corporations into one article is that they are all inevitably related. There is a philosophy held by the elitists who control nearly all of the major political leaders in all of the western countries that is so pernicious that it really is hard to believe.


This article is really just an intro to what's going on. I'll be following up with more specific articles on the exact organizations that are working towards their own new world monopoly at the expense of everything else. And believe me, they really are trying to kill the vast majority of the inhabitants of the world. These king makers have said it with WH and Doublethinktheir own mouths.


The White House and "Doublethink"


George Orwell in his book "1984" coined the term doublethink. And it would seem that this is exactly what our political leaders and their minions are speaking now. It is a new verbiage where truth is a lie and the lie is a truth. What our leader says is law, even if he is speaking against the law as it has been passed by Congress or struck down by the courts. We need to understand what's going on behind the scenes.


The United States of Totalitarianism


The Rise of Totalitarianism in the USThis article talks about the rise of totalitarianism in the United States and how it has been a more gradual sea change that most of us don't realize has been brewing for a long, long time. Bankers and large corporations have always worked to be in control of our at least to manipulate the government because in that way they can insure for themselves greater profits. This article gives you an overview of where the United States is not headed and what we must do.


Fukushima Truth ThumbnailThe Fukushima Truth


This article contains information that is extremely important for you to be aware of. The nuclear disaster that took place in Japan in March of 2011 will have a tremendous impact on your life, no matter where you live. You really want to read up on what happened and the ramifications for your life and those in your family.




Prophecy: like a Lamp (thumb)Prophecy is "like a lamp shining in a dark place." (2 Peter 1:19 NLT). There are a lot of so-called seers and bogus prophets in our world today. Over the centuries many have claimed that they could foretell the future. When you're wondering and worrying about the future, it's important to pay attention to a proven source for truth. This article will open you up to why Bible prophecy is a unique source of information (compared to all others) and it will also give you many of the rules of interpretation that scholars apply to confirm a prediction is valid. If you know the rules of scriptural interpretation you will be much less likely to make mistakes when you read and follow biblical prophets.


WW3: The Coming Nuclear Holocaust


WW3 Nuclear Holocaust VideoThis video and web page will give you timely information about what is going on right now in the US confrontation with Russia over the Ukraine. We look at what the Bible predicts will happen when it comes to a nuclear holocaust in the very near future and discuss both Russia and the United States places in biblical prophecy. We are living at a climatic period of history right now .






Who Is The Antichrist?


The Antichrist SmallThe Antichrist is due to be revealed on planet earth very soon. On this page we have a hard-hitting video that will definitely make you think. All of the end times signs point to the fact that we are close to the end. Here I share with you more details about who I believe the Antichrist really is. Because he will be the most evil man that will ever live, this article and video is essential reading and viewing. It is highly likely that if the conditions in the world keep devolving like they are now—you may be under this man's thumb in the very near future. 


When Will The Lord Return?


When Will Jesus Return? (thumb)This lengthy article gives a lot of important information about all of the key elements that tie into when the Lord will return. In addition to a longer list of last days signs, there is more information about the "last generation" which Jesus said would see Israel come into the land, the Abomination of Desolation that will be placed into the temple in Israel as well as more information about the rapture. Check it out.


Eight Signs We're In The Last Days


8 Last Day Signs ThumbHere are eight of the signs of the last days that Jesus gave to his disciples so that believers would know when the end of the age was getting close. There are many more than these signs, but this will get you started on your quest to know if the end is near. This article also discusses how the conditions during Noah's day will be similar to those in our day.


Israel Would Become A Nation


Israel: A Nation Again (thumb)How unlikely is it that a nation that has ceased to exist for over 2000 years would be able to come back into existence? Not likely at all. It has never happened before. In the case of Israel, it was all predicted in many different passages both in the Old Testament and in the New, and it all came to pass as prophesied. Israel just happens to be our KEY to the future of what will happen to the rest of us. Jesus specifically told us that those who see Israel come back into the land will not die out before the end of the age!


Is Fukushima God's Judgment?


Fukushima Judgment ThumbnailThis article is equally important as the one listed about telling about what has been happening in Fukushima after the reactor meltdown. I believe The disaster ties with some very exact prophecies that are found in the Book of Revelation. If this is a judgment of God, and the Bible would seem to indicate that it is, then you must know the rest of the prophecy. There is a lot more coming our way then what has happened so far. You should also seriously consider God's motivation for allowing this to happen to mankind. While it is a judgment, man has done this to himself.


The Mark of the Beast Is Coming!


Probably no other prophecy from the Scriptures is more well known outside of the Church than the Mark of the Beast and also the number of the Beast which is 666. Would would have thought that Bible prophets could have uttered this passage about electronic or even microchip cards placed on or in the body when the passage was written 2000 years ago. When the technology is now here. This article gives you the passages about this interesting last day event and why it is so important the people in the world DO NOT take this mark. 


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