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The White House and the Rise of "Doublethink"

Watching the Administration Toadies Attempts to Defend the White House Scandals, Is Unnerving


Are We All In the Same Country?


When I view a clash between one of the Congressional committee Big Brothermembers trying to glean even a little useable info from any one of those White House administrative officials—you can take your pick of the scandal or the person—I'm struck with the attitude that these men and women exhibit. It's not how they attempt to stonewall or stretch the truth to avoid giving the investigators any useable information.


What I'm referring to is what appears to be their mental and belief state of mind. They are mostly impatient by the hearings as if they're all a big waste of time. Like Attorney General Eric Holder, who actually admitted it, they seem to have no respect for these legislators asking the questions and trying to get to the truth.


It is unnerving to see the body language and the attitudes because somehow they almost all seem out of touch with the reality which most Americans inhabit. It doesn't seem that these bureaucrats really have any understanding that they're either lying or obstructing justice. Quite the contrary, these people consciously seem to believe what they are saying is the Gospel truth. I think in most cases they do not feel that anything they say is untruthful or even telling the truth with an intent to deceive.


Take the head of the IRS. The expression of smugness on John Koskinen's face as he declined to offer an apology for the fact that the agency had conveniently lost all of the important email evidence—three years ago—is truly amazing. (Can you say "cover up" Mr. Koskinen?) He communicates as if he is a man from another country than the one I grew up in. It's like he has on alien world view.





In the above clip, Rep. Kevin Brady grills Koskinen and it seems obvious that the head of the IRS just has a different sense of logic floating around inside of his head. Perhaps he has simply bought into the White House talking points that the investigators are merely on a meritless witch hunt. Perhaps if you perceive that "your side" is a victim of an evil enemy's crusade, it will impact your inner psyche and how you see reality. (I can say that Mr. Koskinen is on the President's side if for no other reason that this man is a lifelong Democrat who has contributed almost $100,000 of his own money to his party! He certainly would not seem to qualify as a neutral bureaucrat.)


In contrast to this back and forth interview above, watch how gifted Representative Trey Gowdy forces Koskinen back to a semblance of reality with a little legal education and prosecutorial direction.






But even though Gowdy manages to make Koskinen back off from his blatant statements that there was "no wrong doing" and clearly brings him face to face with his own ignorant deceptiveness—does anyone believe that Gowdy has managed to bring this IRS despot back to any sort of neutrality or honesty? I think not.


Perhaps you're like me, watching all of these investigations, hoping unrealistically that the actual truth will be revealed, but knowing instinctively that this is all just part of the theatre of the absurd. Nothing will likely be proven by any of these investigations. The only positive outcome of all this is that the court of public opinion will turn even more firmly against this Administration.


One thing you can be sure of is that Holder's Injustice Department will not pursue any legal action against anyone, unless they pretend to investigate merely for the purpose of slow-walking and obfuscating the facts so they can block the full revelation of the criminal acts that have occurred.


Truth to this Administration is definitely not the same black and white concept that we all grew up with. Watching even the mainstream news reporters attempting to wrestle some sort of logical response from the White House press secretaries is a little like what I imagine dancing with a walrus might be like. While Jay Carney has been reviled by some as nothing more than the Administration's "paid liar," I think something more endemic is to blame for the psyche that all of these WH toadies display.


It seems that all of these men and women are "true believers" as Eric Hoffer describes them in his groundbreaking classic (of the same name). In essence, Hoffer said that when uncreative and unproductive individuals face a tough future (primarily because of their own lack of ability and self-centeredness), they realize they can't rely upon their own resources. So these people are then attracted to movements that are mighty and glorious, and especially which offer to correct all of the social injustices in the country.


The true believer views his movement like an incarnate version of truth and justice. In the support of a collective social movement which will free the downtrodden, these people are able and willing to suppress their normal sense of what constitutes the truth or that which is a lie. Right and wrong, good and bad are all redefined inside their collective mentality so that it is okay to rewrite truth and history and reality all to achieve the success of their ultimate revolution. The end definitely justifies whatever means are necessary to reach it.


When Lois Lerner stated before Congress that she had not broken the law or done anything wrong, I believe that she truthfully did not feel that she was lying. Considering the fact that it seems obvious that she purposely orchestrated her own "hard drive crash" to eliminate the connection between her office and those in the WH, this still does not qualify in her mind that she did anything illegal or wrong.


You see, if President Obama "represents the law and the government," and if the Supreme Court's decision to allow Tea Party groups to have their say was truly wrong (as the Commander in Chief publicly stated that it was in many speeches), she was only doing her duty and following his orders as he defined the law.


This New Truth that the Administration proponents have adopted comes from the President himself. Truth is what he says it is, and nothing more. If he lies, that is the Truth. You just misunderstood what he was really saying. This is the New Reality that all Americans must face because soon these people will fully take control of the country. And then we'll see how this kind of logic and truth will play out whenever we disagree with the state. We will receive the same kind of treatment—or much worse—that conservatives were subjected to through the IRS.


I have stated in my article on the rise of Totalitarianism in the United States, that governments which attempt to control their citizens by redefining Truth, especially in the form of its propaganda, will often present two realities. Their task is to hide the evil agenda that lurks within their New World Order while carefully attempting to manipulate the public by appearing as a benevolent government (with free food, free vaccinations, free medical treatments and even free cellphones). If they can continue to woo in the "unwashed masses" they can maintain power until it becomes too late to rebel. All of those who support the President's vision are part of this glossy attempt to keep from the people the sheer terror of the coming oppression which will arrive at the time of their choosing. Then, their enemies will not just be audited; they will be executed.


At that point in time, Truth will be ruthlessly modified for the public in the same way that George Orwell predicted in his truly prophetic novel "1984." Take a look at this overview of that book. Orwell's insightful novel describes how it could be in our future.




In the totalitarian state, your civil liberties will simply be abolished. If you are allowed to live at all (depending upon your beliefs) you will probably be reeducated. Orwell created the Doublethink concept which is eerily similar to brainwashing which the Communists later used on our troops captured in the North Korean conflict.


Anyone who stands in the way of this reprogramming will be ruthlessly eliminated. Hoffer states that successful mass movements which cause radical change often exceed the brutality even of the regimes that they originally opposed. The Bolsheviks in Russia and the Jacobins in France were formed in reaction to the oppression of their monarchies. Yet in both cases they proved to be far more vicious and brutal at oppressing their own people.


You can definitely expect that in America, because at least a third of the United States will not quietly go along with turning the country into a social paradise (for the elitists). Whether by civil war or by massive purges, you can count on there being an excessive bloodbath within the US.

We have to understand that those in positions of the strongest power in the US are directly under the President, which includes all of his fifteen cabinet ministers and multitudes of other organizations and agencies of the government. They are all under his direction. The balance of powers will be a joke to this President. Neither the Courts nor the Congress will have any say when he declares marshal law. (In fact, the executive decree already states that Congress will be disbanded for six months after marshal law is declared). He controls the government and all he needs (as he says) is his pen and his phone to run the American people.


Don't be fooled into thinking that any of these scandals that we are seeing come to the surface are small issues. They are the tip of the iceberg for all of the scandalous illegal acts that this Administration has participated in but which haven't come to the attention of the media. At this late hour, politicians can protest against him, but they simply have little power to do anything. I do not believe elections or lawsuits or even impossible attempts at impeachment can change the direction the country is headed. All of the nameless bureaucrats and hirelings are working in lockstep with this President and his government is committed to march us off that proverbial cliff into full-on tyranny.

Obama's agenda is not what his voters expected or wanted. It is a vision of 1984 come to life, and it has almost sprouted before our unseeing eyes.


My hope is that these investigative soap operas will at least help a few more to wake up. Unfortunately the number who are actually paying attention is small. George Orwell clarified in "1984" that unless the people become conscious of what's going on, they will never rebel.


It is the people themselves who must begin to rally against the WH's douiblethink. Rebellion, however passive and subtle it may be, must raise its beautiful head if we are going to stop the madness. Citizens must stand up and be heard. We must take back our cities and our local governments and our states (all of which have been infected with this federal madness). We must sit when they say stand. We must speak when they demand silence. We must blog and tweet and shout out.


We must do all of those thousand little things that show we are paying attention, and that we are as mad as hell and we're not going to take what they're doing without a fight. If we all begin to do this, on a collective basis, this President and this government will begin to fear the power of the people—just like it should.


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