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God Says: It's Time For You to Get Involved!

The Stakes are Too High to Sit on the Sidelines If You Are Not a Christian Watch Fly or Fry

Time to Get Involved in Ministry


We are definitely in the Last Days. And we are the Last Generation. That means the Lord is already on his final countdown that will lead towards the end of this age, which will culminate at the final battle of Armageddon. Because only a few years remain, you can be sure that the Lord's message for you is clear. Get off your chair and get involved with him!

With every passing day, the world grows darker. Now that also means that the fresh light emanating from God will only shine more brightly in contrast to this evil world system. Satan is now unleashing himself upon our planet in every conceivable way. He's attacking people physically, with disease, radiation, with warfare, with the occult. He's wanting to corrupt our moral character, and spread his spiritual cancer as it seeps into every fiber of society.


Believers must not fall to this! The enemy is at our gates and Jesus told us that we were to be a light in this dark world (Matthew 5:14-16). Believers need to shine Christ's light in this present darkness so others can find their way to the Truth!

Now maybe you don't know for sure if you're a true Christian believer or not. If doubts fill your head, I invite you to look below at this link to this video page: Fry or Fly - How to Become a Christian? That's the first thing you should do to make certain you are actually on the Lord's side and that you're ready for The End. Don't guess about your eternal destiny. You should know for certain you're a believer that's bound for heaven when Christ suddenly appears in the sky to take away his Church from the world's turmoil.

Now this website is all about reaching out to the world. By ourselves, our light isn't going to be very bright. But when we hang together, our light will shine much more brightly. "One can overpower him who is alone, (but) two can resist him. A cord of three strands is not quickly torn apart." (Ecclesiastes 4:12 NASB). If we unite and stick together God can accomplish so much more for his Kingdom through us, and we'll all be much more likely to survive and even thrive in the midst of the coming persecution.

I'm inviting you to participate with us as we reach out to the masses of people—both Christians and non believers alike. We're all in this world together. And the tragedy which is about to fall on so many of us, will not respect anyone, no matter what your position or power.

This is not a time for business as usual. I believe that the end of America and really the end of the world as we know it is rapidly approaching. This just might be the last opportunity many of us have to stand up and make a statement before the world as we know it is swept away right before our eyes. So we must get this powerful message out. We must stand up on the walls — like the proverbial watchman — trumpeting the warning that destruction is on its way toward our gates. Will you join us?

Action Steps for Personal Ministry

1. Ask God what HE wants you to do in these Last Days. Remember, this is all about pleasing him. So ask God to speak and give you clear direction.

2. Read and study about biblical prophecy Last Days prophecies. We have a lot of pages on this website, but it will be growing rapidly in the days to come. Read here, but also read in the Word about what the Lord says will happen in the last days. Get "caught up" about The End.

3. Pray without ceasing so that you can stay really close to the Lord. God can use you most effectively in ministry when you're read up, prayed up and walking in the Spirit.

4. Find web pages you can share with non Christians. For unbelievers, try starting with the page and video on How to Become a Christian. But I'm also sure you'll find other pages that you can use or send to your friends.

5. Find web pages you can share with your Christian friends. I think it's really clear that many pastors are asleep right now (Why Are Our Pastors Not Preaching the Truth?) They're so hung up on church growth that they're refusing to preach the full teachings from God. So it's high time that Church pastors be asked why they aren't telling the truth to the believers?

Specific Action Steps for Ministry

1. Sign up for our email newsletter. There will continually be new information and news which we'll need to get out seekers and skeptics and those in the Church. We'll put articles and videos up, but this is starting to get big. So one of the best ways to find things and keep informed will be to get on our newsletter email list.


We don't at the moment have auto responders working, but we hope to add that I the upcoming days. This will allow those who receive the Lord to receive a series on ongoing emails (and/or videos) that will automatically follow up their decision. We'll also have other prophecy courses coming that will be available through special auto responder offers. Again, nothing we do has a price tag on it. So its all free.

2. Leave a positive comment on our video comments section. Now, please keep it positive for the sake of encouraging others to watch. If you don't like something, feel free to email me directly so that I can hear your criticism and even make changes if necessary.

3. Hit the social media. If you have a Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ accounts, you'll find buttons on any of the everyone of our growing number of videos on this website. You can use those to promote the different web pages and videos of this site so that they will have an impact upon others.

4. Share links back to our website pages. When you are on a forum, or you reading comments on another video (say on Youtube), add a comment and leave links to one of our pages. Links are how people find a site like ours. The more links we have coming in the more we'll rise up in the eyes of Google and the more people will come visit.

5. Promote our site directly. We would love you to put links back to us on your own websites, send info about our site to your mailing lists, or do any other form of promotion you can think of.

You can download our videos or embed them on your own webpage. We are allowing people to do this on their own web pages or to send files to someone if they like. We want people to see our videos, and hear the message. So we are placing no restrictions upon our videos.

6. Think of ways you could be more actively involved with this ministry or this website. For example, we could use some editing on many of our articles. If you want to list the problems (spelling, grammar, facts, etc.), you can just send it to us and we'll make corrections.

--In the future, we hope to have some forums set up on this website so that the brothers and sisters can bond together and encourage one another. If you know how to set up something like that (using a free program), we would love to communicate with you). We want this site to be a place where seekers and skeptics can ask their questions and get answers. For this we'll need trusted workers to help manage the trenches and respond to those who are asking questions.


--If you have a talent or a gift that could be used here, let us know. Maybe you have original music you would like to offer, or original artwork or photography. Maybe you have skills, like videography or photography or writing. Let us know what the Lord is laying on your heart. We cannot guarantee that we can use everyone's work, but we will certainly prayerfully consider each submission or idea.

7. Contact me with your ideas. God uses all of us in different ways. If you have some suggestion that you would like to make or some way that you would like to become involved, by all means, email me (go to the contact page) and let's develop a dialogue.

Maranatha! Even so, come Lord Jesus!



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