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Are You Really to Die?

Most People Put Off This Question Until It Is Too Late; Don't Wait Until the End of Your Life 


Are you ready to die? Now,Are You Ready to Die? I'm not asking if you want to die. Almost none of us want to die. But if you suddenly realized that you had only a few hours to live, maybe even just minutes left before your last breath, how would that hit you? Are you ready to make that leap into the unknown?

I once sold an inexpensive legal services policy. It included doing a free will for each member. When I asked, "when was the last time you updated your will?" I would always get a blank look. Almost no one that I talked to actually even had a will, let alone an updated will.


Most people act like they'll never die. We give very little thought to the subject, and what will happen to our loved ones if we were to die in an accident or a sudden heart attack. We prefer to think about more pleasant subjects than the possibility of our demise.


Unfortunately, death will take us all. And when at last it catches up with you, the question you have to ask yourself is: Have you settled your spiritual affairs? Often, when people are just a few breaths from eternity, the real truth of what they've be denying most of their lives often slips from their lips.

When Clarence Darrow, the lawyer who had opposed Christianity at the infamous Scopes Monkey Trial debate, reached his deathbed, he asked help from several clergymen. He said: "Please intercede for me with the Almighty. During my life I have spoken many times against Christians, and I now realize that I may have been wrong." In that moment when there was no longer any jury for him to sway, it seems he knew he was on the wrong side of a losing argument about eternal life.

Charles Darwin, the man who concocted the theory of evolution is reputed to have said on his deathbed: "I regret that I suggested a theory, and that gullible men gobbled it up, as though if it were fact. I never intended that." At death's door, many men wish that they could go back and do things differently with their lives. You don't want to end up with a life full of regret.

Thomas Paine, famous American revolutionary author said at his deathbed, when he was visited by a Catholic priest: "Away with you and your God too! Leave the room instantly! All that you have uttered are lies, filthy lies, and if I had a little more time I would prove it, as I did about your impostor, Jesus Christ." But his last recorded words are much more revealing: "My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?"

Famous men, and those with large accomplishments have often made statements like Edward Gibbon, who was the author of "The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire." On his deathbed he is reported to have said: "All is lost, irrecoverably lost. All is dark and doubtful."

Years ago I met Norman Williams who wrote the book "Terror at Tenerife" about the 1977 collision of a KLM plane with a PanAm flight as it was taking off. Norman, was one of the few people who survived that crash in the PanAm flight, and he described what he heard inside the plane as jet fuel poured through the interior of the airplane and over the passengers as they futilely attempted to escape.


Normal told me that he had never heard such swearing. People swore and blasphemed against God like he had never heard before as they cried their defiance towards the Lord while burning to death. You would think that while you were dying you would be broken before God, but it seems that the way you have lived your life has everything to do with the way you will face your death.

Voltaire, one of history's best known atheists, often stated that "by the time I'm buried, the Bible will be non-existent." But on his deathbed, his last words were: "I am abandoned by God and man; I shall die and go to hell alone." After his death, his nurse stated that for all of the money in Europe, she would never watch another infidel die.

So my question for you is what will your last words before you die? Will you rail against the Lord or will you be broken before him, knowing that you will soon face him as your judge and jury? The only way to be ready for death is for you to make your peace with God NOW. Trust me, it will not happen when you stand at the edge of the abyss. You will not find any room in your heart for God at the end of your life if you could not find any room for him in during your long life before the end.


You owe it to yourself to that a careful look at your life now, while you are still alive and kicking. You sin; we all do. But the bigger problem is that you are a sinner. What I mean by that is you were born with a sinful nature which means you're committed to selfish view of life. You sit on the throne of your life but only God should have that position. You may give lip service to believing in God, you're really only kidding yourself about your spiritual condition if you can't open your eyes to see how God views your wicked heart. If you can't see yourself clearly, you may need to click on the article to find out about how to have Conviction About Your Sin.


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