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The Fire is Coming Soon. Ask Yourself: Are You
Ready For What's About to Be Unleashed?  


The Fire is ComingWe live in a scary world. Man has never possessed such incredible weapons of mass destruction before. Nor have there even been so many devious world leaders who admit that they want to unleash all sorts of poisons and destruction upon the unsuspecting world. There are many who want to lower earth's population by 90%! And they are in positions of power and are actively working to make that happen! Wow. If you're not worried, you're simply not paying attention.


This Seeker Section is meant to provide you with a WAY OUT of the likely destination for the vast majority of humans. No matter what you believe, the information in this section will likely challenge your current spiritual beliefs.

Why? Because many of your beliefs—plain and simple—are likely to cause you to be imprisoned, killed, and even sent to hell. My intention is to startle and prod you towards a new view of the truth that you may never have been fully exposed to before.


Truth isn't created. Truth is discovered. It often exists apart from most people's reality. Truth is often rejected because people prefer to believe falsehoods. If you fail to find the truth in any area of life, it is probably because you have allowed yourself to be seduce by someone else's lies.

If you want you can believe that the earth is flat (as some still do), but that belief doesn't change the facts. You can believe that the sum of two plus three is six, but that doesn't make it so. Whatever you believe becomes your reality, even if it is not factual. Whatever you choose to accept—you will own. And your beliefs—good or bad, right or wrong—will decide your fate not only in this world, but in the one to come.


Now of course you can be tricked, lied to and deceived. Everyday millions of people are told lies about products, medical cures, and political agendas. Eat this and you'll be cured! Vote for me and you can keep your doctor! Blow yourself up and you'll receive a thousand virgins in heaven!


Nobody likes liars and charlatans. But think about this for a moment. If you believe a liar, you are the fool, not him. Gullibility won't keep you from an early grave, a painful death and an eternity separated from the God who created you for fellowship in heaven. So finding the truth, in the midst of so many offering up lies, is essential for your physical and spiritual survival.

This website is for those who want the truth. Skeptics and anyone who actually thinks even a little are welcome here. Don't imagine for a moment that I want you to blindly believe everything I say. You are responsible for yourself. You have to find the real truth because you'll end up staking both your life and your eternal destiny upon it. So make sure you get it right.


Life is like an airplane that ends without a landing. You need to find and get a parachute before your plane runs out of fuel. My prayer is that I can offer you the map that leads to the location where all the chutes are stored, helping you work through your doubts. I want you to survive life's final event (which we call death) before your flight abruptly ends and you discover that you have not prepared yourself either to live properly or to be ready for your death.


I hope to give you here logical reasons to believe. My heart is heavy for those who have been searching for the truth but who have been seduced on every side by magicians, con men and religious gurus. The truth is right in front of their noses and it is free, but they're having a difficult time finding it. So I hope this website will make truth easier to find.


Over the years, we have all been fed many lies. Because of that, most of us need to go through a little spiritual detoxification. When we're young, we believe almost everything we're told. When we get a little older, we usually become a little more independent and at some point we hopefully begin to start questioning all of the propaganda we're being fed on a daily basis.

Once you allow yourself to question the party line, it's like scales fall from your eyes. When you begin to realize just how often and how much you have been lied to, it makes you appreciate even more anyone who is not trying to fabricate some false reality in order to lull you into compliance.


I'm not selling any products on this website (although I will recommend some things later). I get absolutely no commission off of any product or ads (as there are no advertisements here). Yes, I do have a "Donate" button, but there is absolutely no need for anyone to use it to receive anything located on this site. It's all free. It's my gift to you even as the Lord gave it all to me.


I encourage you to keep an open mind here. Any belief or truth which can't stand up under the weight of an honest investigation probably isn't actually true. If you're a skeptic of Christian beliefs, we're planning to put up several Skeptic's articles soon. I challenge you to look carefully at the facts—any facts—before you encase your beliefs in cement.

Hopefully this website will expose you to truths you have never before considered. When fresh light shines on your heart, you may even come to see yourself in a whole new way. Don't run from this process. Embrace the idea of opening yourself up to what God wants you to know about yourself and about the truth.

If you have any questions, feel free to hit the Contact button and send me an email. God bless you in your search for the truth.

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